Catalyst Members 2019

Jacqueline Holt / Sinead O’Donnell / Brian Kielt / Breda Lynch / Breda Stacey / Andrea Piras Pinna / Jonathan Brennan / Aimee Magee / Heather Flemming / Genene Hunter / Ronan Rafferty Stephen Sheeran / Gerard Carson / Andy Luke / Patrick Hickey / Robin Jones / Sinead O’Neill-Nicholl Aimee Nelson / Jane Walker / Angela Molloy / Bee Flood / Elaine Leader / Eugenia Cuellar / Fiona Jiandani / Grace McMurray / Jane Walker / John Waid / Kari-Anne Proctor / Robin Jones / Sean O’Neill Susan Hughes

Catalyst Arts membership fee contributes to a crucial pot of money that we use to top up essential costs in our programming like artist fees, travel and hospitality. Check out our Patreon page (below) to find out how to become a member. Any larger donation than our Patreon tiers indicate will be gladly and gratefully accepted. This can be payed through the Tip Jar on patreon or or in person at the gallery.

Catalyst Arts is a registered charity NI28068