FIX 17


The twelfth instalment of Fix Festival took place over four days in Catalyst Arts and the Sonic Arts Research Centre (SARC).

Fix is an internationally renowned and distinctly Belfast biennial, established by Catalyst Arts in 1994. For twenty-three years Fix has consistently delivered an innovative programme of local and international live, sonic and performance artists to the city of Belfast and is one of Europe’s longest running live art festivals. The legacy of Fix has been to create opportunities locally for emerging and established practitioners, providing work for artists, photographers, videographers, writers, curators and arts administrators.

Festival Programme:

Thursday 5th October | 6-9pm

Robbie Maguire | Grace Denton | Beagles and Ramsay | Patrick Cole

Friday 6th October | 6-9pm

[as part of Catalyst Arts Student and Recent Graduate Show]

Jasmin Märker | Cara Roberts | Branwen Kavanagh | Dryden Wilson

Saturday 7th October | 6-9pm

Ciara Lenihan | Siân Hutchings | Robert Curgenven

Sunday 8th October | 2-9pm

Francesca Steele | Sandra Johnston | Eleni Kolliopoulou

Cleveland Watkiss – 8pm Sonic Arts Research Centre