66% There

18th – 21st April 2018


66% There is a group exhibition showcasing an array of work by the 2nd year Lens and Sculpture students from the Belfast School of Art. The various works explore concepts ranging from politics and belief systems to notions of identity and belonging, and express a contemporary view of current affairs through media such as installation, drawing, video and sound. The artists focus on bringing together their individual practices in a collaborative setting to reflect on their work to date, as well as their potential for the future.

Exhibiting Artists: Rebecca Allen | Lynice Cathcart |Dara Nolobey Condun | Amy Devlin | Marianne Dupain | June Hill | Anna Horvathova | Landi Love | Paddy McKeown | Gemma Montgomery | Aimée Nelson | Joanna Palmer | Elizabeth Phillips | Natalia Stojevski | Ausrine Su | Adèle Vallet