Upcoming events for V I C I N I T Y at Catalyst Arts


Saturday 31st March 12noon
This Saturday Jim McCracken will give an urban print w.shop, learn how to use rasterbator technology to create large scale prints for fly – posting in the area.
To book a place please email or call the gallery

Thursday 5th April 6pm 
zones of response will give a talk about the interactive work VICINITY Openzone.

Saturday 7th April 10 – 5pm
Play, Subversion and The City with Mr. Hook

This day event looks at games in the spaces of the city, and how the use of play in the city (traditionally a space or commerce and capitalism) can be thought of as a form of ambient (and fun) resistance. This workshop will look at existing pervasive games, such as PacManhattan, Cruel 2 B Kind, and 7 Days of Manchester and help participants think about how to create games for the spaces of Belfast. Too long our cities have been a place for corporations and capital, let’s make them a place of play.

Saturday 7th April 1pm
Marie Flaherty will take groups of people on a walking and drawing expedition


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