Tom Watt


Tom Watt is an artist born in Belfast currently living and working in Dublin. On completion of his BA degree in the National College of Art and Design, Tom Watt and a group of his peers initiated the group exhibition, Underground in Basic Space (2011), Since then, Watt and fellow artist, John Ryan, co-founded the RESORT projects in which a core group of artists move to off-site locations including a coastal region in Donegal and the Scottish highlands to conduct experiments in new methods of art making. Watt has worked individually on a number of shows outside the art institution. Most recently, Watt opened up his house in Seville Place, Dublin to the public for his exhibition TENT (Opening) (October 2013) Reviewed in Billionjournal. Tom Watt is currently a member of Basic Space Studios, Dublin.


Tom Watt’s practice often deals with altering the existing architecture of a space using methods of construction. He builds spaces in the peripheries of a given site or building. His work is informed by the off- site or domestic spaces that he chooses to work in. Interests in these peripheral spaces emerged from living in many different rented accommodations since he began Art College. These are essentially private spaces and access is only gained through the owner, Watt temporarily takes on this role and attempts to entice viewers through his controlled/ constructed experiences.

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