Stuart Calvin


Born in Belfast 1974 Stuart Calvin is an Artist specialising in sculptural installation, video and photography. He graduated from the University of Ulster in 2011 with a BA hons in Fine Art. He is a founding member of Pollen Belfast where he has a studio.


Drawing on familiar imagery and symbolism from magic mysticism and the occult, my work explores incorporeal worlds, supernatural experiences and the human propensity to venerate and fetishise objects.

My work references New Age ideologies, superstition and theories of consciousness. I explore the manifestation of energy and frequency said to be present in ritual and mediumship.

I use made and found objects, both ordinary and extraordinary. Altered, they transcend their known materiality going beyond surface value.I look for inspiration to empty spaces, dark corners, unseen forces,the moments around death and passage to the great beyond. I try to establish associations and reasons for belief systems and use my work to stimulate enquiry into why we draw comfort and guidance from ideas with no rational substance.

My work is a transformative process that forms connections between the visible and invisible, the physical and metaphysical, the known and the unknown.

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