Reiko Aoyagi and David Nechak                                                   

02nd – 31st October 1999  

Reiko Aoyagi and David Nechak are artists invited by Catalyst to create new site integrated work.  David Nechak was participant on the Flax International Artists Residency Programme. Both artists are concerned with the specics of space and the relationships between internal, personal space and outer physical space.  The installation created focussed on the fluid relationship and tension between the two.  Reiko Aoyagi’s work was made on site at Templecourt buildings on North Street, Belfast and in the Exchange Place Alleyway, adjacent to Catalyst Arts. David Nechak made a sculpture, placed in the Catalyst gallery back yard and presented a performance complementing the sculpture.

A slide talk by both artists was held at the Golden Thread Theatre, Monday 4th October 99.


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