Perfopuerto Publication Launch

Date: 3 May 2008

PerfoPuerto was an exhibition residency at Catalyst Arts with nine Chilean artists in December 2007 that was part of FIX 2007. The nature of the event was time based (the artists spent two weeks in Belfast) but its legacy, a fully illustrated book, has been in progress ever since. Saturday May 3rd 5-7pm sees the launch of this book and like the event itself it will be active, engaging and forward-looking.

Sofia Greff (Transylvania/Frankfurt) and Alejandra Herrera (Chile)both performance artists, will be responding to the space and the project, simultaneously introducing and reminding people the activity and movement that is PerfoPuerto.

Sofia Greff (Image courtesy of the artist)
Sofia Greff was not part of the original Perfopuerto, her response to it is based on incorporating her art into the living , yet the longevity of such activities can only be assured through the validity of such a response. Alejandra Herrera was part of the Perfopuerto process but due to a bureaucratic error was unable to make it to Belfast to participate.

A. Herrera (Image courtesy of the artist)
‘Encounters hold a valuable discourse in which the artist’s and audience’s bodies become equally vulnerable, and a different dynamic is exposed.”
Alejandra Herrera, 2007
This event commences at 5pm sharp.
Cocktails and barbeque will be on the go.
Kindly supported by Michael’s Fresh Fruit and Veg and Parkhill Bell and Son Butchers
The publication is funded by Henry Moore Foundation.
Part of Cathedral Arts Quarter Festival.

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