Outside Line | Tanad Williams


Outside Line

Tanad Williams

Opening: Thursday 12th May 2016, 6-9pm, Catalyst Arts

Catalyst Arts invites you to join us for the introduction to ‘Outside Line’ a new permanent commission by Tanad Williams.

Beginning through a shared residency in 2015 in a flexible period of research and investigation, Williams engaged with the early issues, strains and identity of the gallery’s archival space. Proofing for possibilities of fitted cooperation an expanded utility for public archival actions was drafted. Unfolding a progressively combined approach to building regulations and sculpture while upholding the poise and warm precision of the unqualified handyman, a skilfully manufactured architectural intervention is presented.

Indicative of ambitious contemporary restoration proposals ‘Outside Line’ sits assuredly creating a source designed around reading.  A structural elixir it reflects how it is we approach cached information and the objects we associate with it.

Williams works with philosophically engaged objects, dialogues and texts. Rooted in academic research and linguistic investigation, the final object is constructed so as to represent both its material reality and its theoretical conception.

This work has being kindly made possible through the support of The Elephant Trust.


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