Nuala Gregory

Or Things With Colours Like These was an installation of new work by Nuala Gregory, exhibited at the Project Space in June/July 2012. It consisted of of six gouache-painted chine collés on rice paper. The work focussed on Gregory’s  investigations into the contemporary condition of painting. It advanced the proposition that art can produce effects that challenge familiar forms of representation by operating instead at the level of bodily sensation. 


For the past 25 years, Nuala Gregory has maintained a profile as an exhibiting artist at an international level. Through solo and group exhibitions, she has published significant original artwork that engages with the contemporary meaning of painting. “My work consists in a ‘return’ to the possibilities of colour and surface, in order to renew the force of the material and the visible, against predominantly discursive or conceptual approaches.” As Rhoda Fowler comments (Art New Zealand Number 135 / 2010) her work is not simply a “celebration of painting” but “an extended play upon its means, and an enquiry into the myriad of things it may yet accomplish”. She has also engaged in a second strand to her practice in the form of writings on her own artwork and that of other artists. She has contributed to the visual arts environment generally through curation, artistic collaborations, and enhancement of programmes and infrastructure at tertiary institutions. She began part-time PhD study in January 2007 at the University of Auckland, New Zealand. Her PhD work brings together her creative practice with her writing practice. In 2012 is on leave in Ireland to complete her PhD. See:

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