Marie Farrington


Born in Kilcock, Co. Kildare in 1990, Marie Farrington is an artist and writer based in Dublin. She graduated from DIT with a first class honours degree in Fine Art in 2013. She has since taken part in exhibitions such as The Producers, curated by Vaari Claffey; Process, Block T Dublin, curated by Grace McEvoy; Origins, Lismore Castle Arts, curated by Eamonn Maxwell and A Subtle Matter, Catalyst Arts Belfast, curated by Amy Brooks (all 2013). In January 2013 Marie completed a residency at the Irish Museum of Modern Art in association with Basic Space Press.


Through the convergence of form and material, Marie Farrington’s work negotiates a 
range of spatial and art historical concerns and is bound to transformative action.
 Investigating the limits and metaphorical potential of material, Marie’s practice seeks 
to traverse the space between form and function, her largely process-driven approach 
surveying how modes of making may influence objects and their operation within a 
network of physical and allegorical concerns. The work that she makes serves as a
 revisiting of existing systems, a reworking of the forms and materials we are readily 
exposed to. The oppositions presented ground the work in the physical, resulting in 
objects that are suspended between various identities. Marie’s practice operates 
simultaneously as a subversion and a making explicit of material. Due to the work’s 
relationship with the viewer and the spaces that surround us dialectics develop that 
lend to the work a distinctive contingency and open up an inquiry into the nature of
 the real.

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