Mai Takahashi

2 August 2007 00:00 – 25 August

Mai Takahashi is a Japanese textile artist who specialises in the traditional Japanese textile technique Bingata. After completing her degree in Japan, she moved to Okinawa, which is located on the southern edge of Japan, where she learned the technique in a local workshop. After that she moved back to her hometown and started her practice.

Bingata is a dyeing technique that is unique to the Ryukyu Island and continues to be practiced as a traditional artform on the Island of Okinawa today. This exhibition presents her art works and introduces the history and the process of the technique.

The installation will present some of her work whose theme surrounds environmental and biological issues. Therefore, in contrast to traditional Bingata, the images she uses are more focused on details of contemporary society. The works are dyed on materials today used in the fashion industry, as opposed to Ryukyu cloths which the technique would have traditionally been used on.

Bingata, its history and its technique will be introduced in the workshops, as well as some actual tools and traditional materials which will be on show in the gallery as part of the exhibition.

It is the first time Mai Takahashi will showcase her work in Northern Ireland, and also the first time for Bingata to be introduced here.
The project is supported by: Arts Council of Northern Ireland,
The Daiwa Anglo-Japanese Foundation, Ginger Tree Restrunt,
The Great Britain Sasakawa Foundation,
Tanakanao Senryouten.

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