‘The wonder of ice never left him’ is a series of new work that reflect the artist’s present concerns; the exploration of a world that has been altered and transformed by an unknown occurrence. The return to a moment of impact/trauma/breakdown in an attempt to come to terms with the happening is important.

Laura Ni Fhlaibhin is interested in exploring what is left behind in a post-apocalyptic space, after the ending. She has placed her work in the context of a fictional maker; imagining the work as having been created by a witness to the perceived trauma who now inhabits the aftermath, the transformed place in a post-apocalyptic ruin. The maker, as witness, remembers disjointed moments and broken narratives.

Everyday materials, debris from the ending, are metamorphosed into pieces that both look towards a new place, the post-apocalyptic site, but also look back to the ‘other place.’ The sculptures are imagined as shrines, as the witness attempts to come to terms with a perceived traumatic occurence. In a state of both fear and reverence to the impact and aftermath, the witness adulates the force of transformation.

Laura Ni Fhlaibhin is currently completing her undergraduate studies at N.C.A.D.

Laura Ni Fhlaibhin | 2012 | Project Space Artists | Comments (0)

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