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Joanna Hopkins is an Irish artist b.1984. She currently lives and works in Belfast, UK. She has exhibited widely across Ireland and Northern Ireland and was the 2012/2013 recipient of the Visual Artists Ireland and Digital Art Studios Belfast Residency Award. She works predominantly in video and installation, with a focus on interactive exhibits and audience participation. Her work explores the themes of augmented reality and digital technologies, and the changing ways in which we perceive both ourselves and others through these mediums.


Polarising filters are used in most LCD screens, forming how we view and use the majority of our computer devices. In these screens, there are two polarizing filters placed at opposing angles to reveal the image that is created using liquid crystal display. In this installation, the polarizing filters are revealed, and hang between the two images on each wall, instead of technically, on each side of one image.

This project space is used to explore the basic uses of polarizing filters in digital technology, from seeing stress patterns in plastics to enabling us to view the content on our computer devices. Presenting four portrayals of attitudes of thought at their most basic manifestations, positive, negative, questioning and indifference, the videos in this installation explore the multiple and overlapping ways in which we live out our lives, on line and in physical space. What is presented in an online personality may often be different to the real world version.

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