Jason Oddy ‘Turning Things Round’

1 June 2007 00:00 – 01 July

Jason Oddy’s exhibition Turning things round is an oblique look at idealism. Taking the circle and its 3-D counterpart, the sphere, as the absolute geometrical forms, the show suggests how both historically and in an everyday context they have come to represent a way out and a transformation of the mundane, man-made world. The title piece – a video installation in which films of four exemplary spherical buildings are projected onto a cube – suggests how they might adumbrate a Utopia.
Equally Turning things round addresses the matter of rotation and inversion, and how such acts institute a contemplative attitude that can lead to a new way of looking at things. Symbol sees a gold swastika spun at high speed to the point where it becomes a glowing disc. Varanasi 2007 is a large-scale photographic work in which the Ganges – that most redemptive of rivers – is seen upside down over a 24-hour cycle.
Other works in various media also ask us to think about change, and the way that the twin laws of impermanence and cyclicality dissolve oppositions, offering us a means of stepping outside the usual framework of our lives.

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