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I Heart Catalyst Arts

1st – 10th August 2013

Exhibiting Artists

Liam Crichton | Flora Moscovici | Phil Hession | Brain Patterson | Eoin Dara | Deirdre McKenna | Rob Hilken | Mark Orange

Susan MacWilliam | Christoff Gillen | Craig Donald | Benji De Burca | Joanna Fursmann | Heather Allen | Alice Clark

Jean-Baptiste Ganne | John Matthews | Miguel Martin | Ben Craig | John Cashin | Alastair MacLennan | Niamh O’Malley | Nevan Lehart

Amy Brooks | Daniel Jewsbury | Siofra Campbell | Brian Connolly | Fuyuka Shindo | Helen Sharp | Jane Butler | Keef Winter

Tonya McMullan | Phillip McCrilly | Colin Darke | Lyndsey McDougall | David Mahon | Charlotte Bosanquet | Colm Clarke

Allan Hughes | Seamus Harahan | Phil Collins | David Sherry | Katrina Sheena Smyth | Aisling O’Beirn

Eva Isleifsdottir & Þorgerður Ólafsdóttir | Karen Vaughn | Sinead Bhreathnach-Cashell | Hugh O’Donnell | Barbara H Larkin

Duncan Ross | Stephen Millar | Dougal McKenzie | Caelan Bristow | Kim McAleese | Joanne Proctor | Mary McIntyre | Peter Richards

Keike Twisselmann | Breda Lynch | Clodagh Emoe | Maurice Doherty | Gerard Carson | Michael Hanna | Elina Medley

Jonathon H S Ross | Brendan O’Neill | Zoe Murdoch | Caelan Bristow | Aisling O’Beirn | Iain Griffin | Cian Donnelly | Jordan Hutchings

 Kevin Gaffney | Dan Shipsides | Ursula Burke | Fiona Larkin | Brian J Morrison | Una Walker | Sinead O’Donnell | Sara O’Gorman

I Heart Catalyst Arts was a fundraising event organised as part of Catalyst’s 20th Birthday Programme. The event consisted of a fundraising raffle, offering ticket buyers the chance to acquire works by a range of different artists, some local and emerging, others international and established. Catalyst invited previous directors and artists who have exhibited at Catalyst in the last twenty years to make and donate a piece of work in a medium of their choice. These works were in turn entered into a raffle where the raffle tickets cost £15. The pieces were exhibited online and in the gallery for a period of time before the birthday party; allowing visitors to view the works in the run up to the raffle and offering the Belfast public a chance to experience a broad overview of the visual art scene across Northern Ireland.

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