Helena Hamilton 



Born N.Ireland 1986

Helena Hamilton, studied at the University of Ulster where she gained a BA Honours degree in Fine Art in 2009. After graduating she continued to live and work as an artist in Belfast having been awarded a year long ‘Student Graduate Residency’ in Flax Art Studios. In 2011 Hamilton was supported by the Arts Council of Northern Ireland to spend 3 months in a secluded village in south Italy, here she created new work whilst developing different concepts and ideas surrounding the notion of ‘I’.
Hamilton has exhibitioned throughout Ireland, London, Italy, Berlin and New York. A permanent installation of hers is situated at the Black Box, Belfast.
Helena Hamilton is based in Flax Art Studios, Belfast.


I’ve been accused of being egotistical. Yes, I. This is my work. Yes, we. This is my work. Yes, you.
This is my work. Yes, society. This is my work. Repeat.




“Every man takes the limits of his own field or vision for their limits of the world”

German Philosopher, Arthur Schopenhauer.

Through the form of self portraiture Hamilton’s work focuses on contemporary themes of censorship,
consumerism, love, identity and individuality. Her strategy takes a personal approach, interweaving her
life with her art, using it to question the conscious and unconscious social structures and pressures that
she experiences. The processes that Hamilton uses are often of a repetitive nature, evolving through
action, corroding the very work that she is producing. She is interested in the doing rather than the done.
Through her approach she does not seek to find definite answers (unsure as to whether truth exists), rather
Hamilton wishes to personally explore society’s views of freedom, existence and identity, and also the
dehumanizing ‘myth’ of individuality.

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