Catalyst Arts presents:

Forms of Resistance

Jumana Manna and Sille Storihle  |  Francesco Nordio |  Vukasin Nedeljkovic

12th January – 24th January

13th January 5pm | Francesco Nordio | Artist Talk

21st January 5pm | Vukasin Nedeljkovic | Artist Talk


Forms of Resistance explores and calls into question the idea of resistance, meant as a reaction against different established powers driven by artists, collectives or even a whole community.

Manna and Storihle’s experimental documentary ‘the Goodness Regime’ explores the ambiguity of Norway’s image as a peacemaking nation, while Nedeljkovic’s work – part of the ongoing project ‘Asylum Archive’ – investigates the tough reality of Asylum Seekers’ provision centers in Ireland. On the other hand, Nordio’s work ‘About Culture. A Proposal For A Revolution’ creates a set of guidelines in the form of a how-to-do book, that describes how a cultural shift could be conducted – both on a global scale and in everyday life.

In this open playground, these various approaches coexist and overlap into a fluid itinerary that will expand over the course of the exhibition through various talks and discussions with the artists involved.

This project is kindly supported by Arts Council of Northern Ireland.


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