FIX 04

04/12/2004 -18/12/2004


FIX04 was  the 6th edition of the Fix Biennial of Performance Art, which Catalyst Arts (Belfast) has been organizing since 1994. In addition to premiering performances by 14 artists from around the world, this edition  focused on consolidating FIX’s history as the longest running event of its kind in the UK.


The work  took place in and around Catalyst Arts Gallery (5 College Court, Belfast). FIX04  celebrated the pleasure of action in the city, and invited poetic and political consideration of a range of issues, including gender, the labour market, the environment, and human rights.SourceURL:file://localhost/Users/catalystarts/Desktop/ARCHIVES/FIX04/FIX04%20HOME.doc

FIX04 Participants: Arahmaiani (Indonesia), Marilyn Arsem (USA), Sylvette Babin (Québec), Anne Bean (England), John G. Boehme (Canada), Alexander Del Re (Chile), Sinéad O’Donnell (N. Ireland), Jamie McMurry (USA), Michelle Rhéaume (Québec), Denis Romanovski (Belarus), Vasya Vasileva (Bulgaria), Helen Sharp (N. Ireland), Matt Cook (Wales), Uto Gusztav (Romania), Matt Cook (Wales), Roman Maskalev (Kyrgyzstan)

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