Fiona Larkin


Fiona Larkin works in a variety of media from video to drawing.

She holds a BA from N.C.A.D. and received an MFA from the University of Ulster.

She has participated in International residencies in Tokyo and New York and has been the recipient of several Arts Council NI awards.  She has exhibited both nationally in Ireland and internationally with work shown in Belfast, Derry, Dublin, the UK, Spain and Japan.

Her video work is held in the ACNI’s and University of Ulster’s public collection.

She is currently based at Baltic 39 in Newcastle Upon Tyne.



Over a number of years I have been building a practice using a variety of media, from action/performance to video to drawing. While each project requires an idiosyncratic approach they all share an interest in the lives of others. Images are generated both through the engagement with and observation of others. Video and photography are recurring methods and the camera is used to engage reflexively and directly with viewers. The orchestrated interventions with images become a connective tissue between action, material production and the viewer’s access to the story. Critically audience and participants have significant role in translating and transforming the image.

Thematically the work oscillates between fiction and documentary. Often trivial moments or common footnotes become central to the work. These trivial moments, observed and photographed are improvised upon, adapted or reimagined. This method of working asserts a new relationship between the viewer and the image. Ultimately the work looks to examine the role the image plays in empathetic practices.


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