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Duo Days

29th April – 5th May 2013

Participating Artists:  Kurt Johannessen/Pavana Reid | Monika Gunther/Ruedi Schill | Nathan Walker/Victoria Gray | Paul Carter/Alexandra Zeirle | Paul Coillard/EdJohnson

 DUO DAYS is a performance art event, inviting artist couples from around the world, (artists in a relationship, collaborating in performance) to investigate the theme of duality. Through collaborative performances we observe how two people who co-exist and co-inhabit through performance art as well as domestically, utilize this closeness and intuitiveness which their relationship affords, providing opportunity to further test the nature of relationships; from domestic life to social ethics, from mind and body to art and audience. Duo performances demonstrate how exchange and dialogue in the live moment can reflect upon interconnectedness in the wider sphere of social responsibility.

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