‘Directors Cut’ Catalyst Arts Archive Exhibition at NCAD Gallery


New Ecologies of Practice: A short season of projects by

Catalyst Arts [Belfast] / Occupy Space [Limerick] / The Good Hatchery [Offaly] /

Basic Space [Dublin]

NCAD Gallery is presenting a series of new projects which will represent the work of a number of artist led
initiatives, working throughout Ireland, which embodies a new approach and a challenge to institutional visual
arts programming.

In recent years, and pre-dating recession in some cases, Catalyst Arts [Belfast]; Occupy Space [Limerick]; The
Good Hatchery [Offaly] and Basic Space [Dublin] have established strong, coherent and critically significant
presences in the Irish visual arts context and, in their strategic ideologies, argue for a reconfiguration of
inherited thinking about the nature and purpose of art and the nature and purpose of art institutional practice.
This aligns with other transnational artist led initiatives and ideologies which respond to ‘situations’.

For this project artist-led Catalyst Arts presents ‘Director’s Cut’ a selection of work sourced from the
organisation’s archive symbolising a legacy of commitment from past members and directors. Transforming
the gallery ‘Director’s Cut’ will display artefacts, past publications, a selection of posters, the re-exhibit of Art
Rebels, a selection of slides with notes by the current Catalyst directors and the original Catalyst Arts neon
sign designed by David Shrigley. In addition, a number of archive posters will be fly-posted in proximity to
NCAD, re-contextualising them in light of this exhibition.

Catalyst Arts ‘Director’s Cut’ is open from 9 – 25 February at NCAD Gallery celebrated by an opening view on Monday
13 February 6pm. *Catalyst directors Rob Hilken and Alissa Kleist will give a talk on the Catalyst Arts archive to its
present day function on 13 February 5pm in the Harry Clarke Lecture Theatre, NCAD.

Occupy Space is a non-commercial gallery in the heart of Limerick City, established through the Creative
Limerick Scheme in 2009. As part of the programme at NCAD Gallery they have invited Art Links Limerick
(ALL) present their on-going research about Irish water to the public in the form of an Interactive Public Studio
(IPS). ALL will disseminate their research to date while continuing to use the gallery as an open studio space
over a three day period, encouraging interaction and dialogue within the space.

Occupy Space at NCAD Gallery is open to the public for participation from 28 February – 3 March 2012.
* Presentations by Aoife Madden, Creative Limerick Coordinator and by Noelle Collins and Kevin O’Keeffe of Occupy Space on Tuesday 28 February, 12 – 3pm, NCAD Gallery
* Presentations by Creative Limerick Spaces; Faber Studios, The Raggle Taggle Consortium, Ormston House on Friday
2nd March 12pm – 3pm, NCAD Gallery

The Good Hatchery is an artist-led initiative and space based in the remote bog lands of North Offaly. In its
development, large portions of The Good Hatchery have been constructed from recycled artworks and
salvaged materials from the exhibitions that its members have been involved in throughout the years. Its
development is on-going. Through a series of collaborations, curated projects and free residencies it
challenges methodologies of contemporary art making and often investigates relationships between site and

A new installation, Good Hatchery, will be presented at NCAD Gallery. Opening view Monday 12th March 6-8pm.
Exhibition continues until 21st March 2012. * The Good Hatchery directors Karl Giffney and Ruth E.Lyons will host a
seminar on Thursday 29th March at 5pm Harry Clarke Lecture Theatre, NCAD.

BASIC SPACE located on Vicar Street, across the road from the NCAD Gallery has been running since
August 2010 and during this time has existed as a space for exhibitions and projects. For the duration of a
week BASIC SPACE shop will open at the NCAD Gallery. Mementoes from artworks and performances,
limited edition collectables and memorabilia from exhibitions, and the opportunity to be involved in “Sq Foot of
BASIC SPACE” scheme, will all be up for grabs. Avoiding romantisization of BASIC SPACE while outlining the
physical and ideological elements that structure the space, the visitor can ‘browse’ the shop, but will be
immediately involved in accumulating a knowledge of BASIC SPACE that is recognisably estranged from the

* BASIC SPACE shop opening view Monday 26 March 6-9 pm, it is open to the public from 26 –30 March from 10am-9pm and remains in situ at NCAD Gallery from Thursday 22 March–Friday 13 April 2012.
BASIC SPACE Artist talk Wednesday 28th March at 5pm Harry Clarke Lecture Theatre, NCAD.
* Refreshments & Discounts available on the opening view night.

In addition to work by the artist-led initiatives the exhibition programme includes The Artist-led Archive –

Sustainable Activism and the Embrace of Flux open to the public to view by appointment at the National
Visual Arts Library (NIVAL) housed at NCAD Library. The archive was initiated by the artist and curator
Megs Morley in 2006 as part of an on-going investigation into artist-led initiatives in Ireland. The project aimed
to decipher the kind of cultural conditions that led to artist-led initiative’s birth, their economic independence (or
lack of), their organizational structures and how all of these factors effected their activities and life spans.

For more information on The Artist-led Archive please see www.theartistledarchive.com.
*NIVAL is open Monday-Friday 10am– 5pm Contact: +353 (0)1 636 4347 or +353 (0)1 636 1102 and romanod@ncad.ie.
For more information on NIVAL please see www.nival.ie

To coincide with New Ecologies of Practice exhibition What Do You Stand For Now? is a public seminar
and discussion that looks at some artistic and curatorial practices from the last few decades in Ireland. In
particular, they all proposed methods and models of display and distribution as alternatives to established
mainstream and institutional practices. What Do You Stand For Now? is chaired by Francis Halsall and Vaari
Claffey, speakers include Valerie Connor; Mark Garry; Garrett Phelan; Sarah Pierce; members of The Enquiry,
Gradcam and others. What Do You Stand For Now? Saturday 31st March, 2012, 12.30-5pm at the National College

of Art and Design, (Harry Clarke Lecture Theatre), Dublin.

In currently redesigning its own provision, NCAD is an appropriate context in which to explore aspects of this
increasingly visible dynamic in the visual arts, as articulated in the NCAD Gallery space and the
accompanying events and discussions.

The National College of Art and Design Gallery, 100 Thomas Street, Dublin 8.
NCAD Gallery opening hours 10am–5pm, Monday-Saturday.

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