Culture Night Friday


For Culture Night Friday 23rd September 6 – 9pm

Catalyst Arts Presents


The Assembly Rooms, Cathedral QuarterIn

Search of the Truth (The Truth Booth)  A Cause Collective project(Jim Ricks, Hank Willis Thomas and Ryan Alexiev)

Three artists aretraveling the world with an inflatable ‘Truth Booth’ searching for thetruth.It is a massive cartoon speech-bubble that asks the public: “What isthe Truth?”.American artists Ryan Alexiev, Jim Ricks and Hank Willis Thomas willbe touring their new public project titled In Search of the Truth (TheTruth Booth). The inflatable piece is a new collaborative piece byCause Collective and is shaped like a giant cartoon speech bubble. It is a portable video ‘booth’ that will be available for members of the public to leave their opinions and responses on video. The piece will travel throughout Ireland gathering video documentation and then onto the rest of the world.


Bridge Street, Cathedral QuarterCatalyst Arts organises Fix – a biennale of live performance art.

For Pre FIX we will utilise the two phone boxes on Bridge Street,performance artists who use improvisation as part of their practicewill telephone the phone boxes for passers by to pick up and listento/ converse with the artist.

Thisyear Fix takes places on November 10th – 15th and the launch Pre FIX -takes place as part of Culture Night Belfast.

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