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Selected work:

Love is Love: A Walk Down Memory Lane With LGBTQ Rights Dave

Commissioned as part of Catalyst Walks  | 25 March 2017

This walk considers the narcissism of confessional narratives, the politics of sexuality, and the skulduggery/pragmatism of people taking on other people’s politics for their own benefit/the benefit of many. LGBTQ Rights Dave talks about his life and all he’s done for LGBTQ rights (like voting NOT to get rid of Section 28 AND against gay couples adopting children – cheers Dave) and then fighting for gay marriage cos he’s all about LOVE (and votes). It’s basically an embodied exploration of appropriation, assimilation, and arseholes.

Thanks to Jordan Hutchings for the photos, Leonie Hannan for the video and to Queer Space Belfast for their participation.

Chloe Cooper (b. Huddersfield, 1984)
Chloe Cooper is an artist and educator. She uses performative tours, lectures and instructional videos to propose something quite improbable to a group of people to be worked through together. This something quite improbable normally splashes about in the rocky waters of human relationships, like the desire to subvert conventional thought around regionalism and progress by travelling in time. Whilst this something quite improbable is often spectacular and presented as the tightly scripted wheat, it’s actually the chaff. THE SPECTACULAR CHAFF. Instead, getting people on board, wading through scepticism, fostering a feeling of complicity and exploring the ways in which we locate ourselves in opposition to each another through role play is THE ACTUAL WHEAT.
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