Captalyst Arts, The Light Surgeons, The Waterfront Hall


Captalyst Arts, The Light Surgeons, The Waterfront Hall

Date: 25 July 2009

Capitalyst Arts

The Light Surgeons

The Waterfront Hall, 8.00pm
The result of a year long digital performance art project
produced and directed by Christopher Thomas Allen and
commissioned by EMPAC, The Experimental Media and
Performing Arts Centre in Troy, New York. The final piece
was completed and presented in September 2007 and has
begun touring to festivals internationally.

True Fictions is an audio visual spectacle that fuses

documentary film making, music, animation and motion
graphics with cutting edge digital performance tools. A
stunning collage of music and live cinema which explores
the themes of truth and myth through a multitude of
American and Native American voices; with a original
musical score created through the collaborations of 25 New
York based musicians and vocal artists.

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