Capitalyst Arts, Charlotte Andrew – Art conveyed limited company


Capitalyst Arts, Charlotte Andrew – Art conveyed limited company

22 August 2009 09:00 – 29 August

22nd-29th August 2009 at SHAC (Writers Square)

Dear ladies (though not exclusively, men are welcome),
I am doing a project in Belfast from August 22-29 at the S.H.A.C. which is on Writers Square opposite St Annes Cathedral. It is part of Capitalyst week and will run in conjunction with the Catalyst Gallery.
I plan to turn the little disabled flat into a sweat shop with a bunch of sweaty artists working as if on a conveyer belt, each making their own mark on the paper which moves down the line and so on, producing at the end of the line a multiple original art work. You will of course be paid for your labours, in line with the basic sweat shop pay scheme, which after tax, national insurance, pension and devaluation is 2p per day, 1p for half a day. Hours will be 1000-1500 with I hour for lunch. Split shifts available. A rota will be set up, please clock in and out on arrival.
The work which is now owned by the company will be put up for sale. Seconds will be sold in the factory shop outlet at a reduced price. The best work will be packaged and exported to the Catalyst Gallery.
Profits from sales will go to the Managing director (me) and probably be spent on expenses such as large lunches with the board (you).
Applications for factory workers will be assessed on grounds of equal opportunity disregarding race, colour, religion and sex. All applications, please mark the form S.H.A.C.
Charlotte Andrew
Managing Director and Head of Recruiting

residence is an artist-led experiment in how space changes and stays the same through its use by different people and activities. With each new project the boundaries between living, working, private and public change. It is organised by Sighle and Sinéad Bhreathnach-Cashell and these spaces are currently being provided by SHAC Housing Association. Projects so far include residence: Flat 1, House/Home in a house on the Shore Road and ongoing events and residencies in Flat 4.
Flat 4 is our artist led space located in the Donegall Street flats in Belfast city centre. Each month it hosts a variety of artists in residence (AiR) who’s activities range from film screenings and workshops to open studios and tea parties. Click on Fresh Air to see the latest programme of residencies and opening hours.
Keep an eye on Fresh AiR to find out what you can look forward to this summer with residence

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