Brian J. Morrison


Born Belfast 1980

Brian J Morrison graduated from Blackpool College of Art in 2010 with a first class honours degree in Photography. Since graduating he has exhibited and seen his work published across the U.K and Ireland. Morrison’s practice navigates stereotypically male dominated social collectives, in an attempt to explore photography’s relationship with the construction of currently accepted normative masculine values.

Morrison works as a cinematographer for Source Photographic review and has recently produced 12 documentary shorts, exploring the photographic archive and the notion of ‘Conceptual Photography’. He also works as a lecturer at the University of Central Lancashire on their BA Photography program.


I am interested in visual representations of masculinity and how -or if- they can be explored via photography. In the past I used photography as a tool to document individuals situated within male dominated social groups, I aimed to question if they adhered to the stereotypes thrust upon them via social convention. More recently I have been examining photography’s role in the production and consumption of a gendered identity.  Ultimately, I am asking the question, ‘What is masculinity?’, a question which has no clear answer.

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