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Andrea Theis, born 1966 in Bad Marienberg (Germany), has worked as a freelance artist and photographer since 1993, and also as a lecturer and writer since 2003. Her artistic practice is primarily concerned with context-specific interventions into everyday cultures in the public space combining the elements of process, platform and participation. Since 1993 her work has been realized in both national and international exhibitions as well as free, self-initiated projects, including POV (points of view) – Catalyst at Monster Truck, Dublin (2013), Caravan and Satellite, BBK Niederrhein; FIX’ 11, Belfast; Convergence, Golden Thread Gallery, Belfast and Limerick City Gallery of Art (all 2011); Leben! (Life!), Worpswede (2007) and OUT OF SITE, Dublin (2006, 2007).

Besides a number of articles written for publications she has co-edited Connection: Artists in Communication with Susanne Bosch, published in 2012. A solo-catalogue of her photographic site-specific installations was published in 2003 with the Kunstverein Nümbrecht.

In 2009, Andrea began a practice-based PhD research in Art with the University of Ulster, Belfast (NI) being awarded a Vice-Chancellor’s Research Scholarship. She undertook training in Open Space Technology, Cross-cultural Competence as well as in Moderation and Mediation in 2008 and 2009. From 2007 to 2009, she was Assistant Professor to the MFA-Programme Public Art and New Artistic Strategies at the Bauhaus-University Weimar, where she had graduated with a Master of Fine Arts in 2006 (including a guest semester at the University of Art and Design Helsinki). In 1994 she completed a Diploma in Photographic Engineering, specializing in photography, optics, film and video at the University of Applied Sciences Cologne.

From 1998 to 2004 she was co-organizer and speaker for the artist-run studio space KunstEtageDeutz, Cologne.

Currently she lives and works in Belfast, Cologne and Berlin.


Artist Statement:

The situation is the catalyst, its context the material for my artwork. I observe and react to underlying fault lines and potential sources of friction. Using conversational, interactive strategies and aesthetic settings which move between reality and absurdity, I investigate, as observing participant, how people handle unexpected situations appearing in their day-to-day routines.

Every project means a renewal of my personal and artistic sense of place, calling for a realignment of my own position within a gridwork of socio-political coordinates. The coherence of my work lies in its individual relation to specific contexts. What links each project is the dialogue between the elements, factors and participants involved. It is an ongoing process of action and reaction. The essence of art in the public space is its intervention, its interference with people’s everyday life, the way it challenges their boundaries. Art in public arises unexpectedly; it is sometimes unwelcome, though that confrontation should lead to a rewarding experience. Such is the difficult nature of art.

As an artist operating in the public space, I must display a high degree of responsibility when entering existing structures as an outsider with the intention of eliciting a response. Therefore I consider respect to be imperative and humour a necessity.



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