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Alex Bag

18/5 – 10/6 2000


Catalyst Arts are very proud to present Alex Bag – the New York bag lady of numerous guises cometh to infuse Belfast with her frivolous flare. ‘Twelve Spells’ are twelve photographs of Bag’s mates representing the zodiac signs, each sign induced by it’s favorite drug. ‘The Artist Mind’, 30min video spoof on Damien Hirst, starring Alex’s brother Damian Bag. Video/ lounge/ library. Come and lounge and get seduced in her very own living room – warped through timezones and the Atlantic and landing right here in the upper gallery space at Catalyst Arts. Zinging of her video library spanning the works: Spring 94, fall 95, fancypantz, his girlfriend is a robot, harriet craig, untitled project for the Andy Warhol museum, a compilation of public access show, and a compilation of various appropriated television and video clips.


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