‘Border Sounds’ was created out of a desire to explore the troubling policies
entrenched in national and territorial borders, as well as to question access and
mobility within those borders. These are themes weʼve both explored in our
individual art practices and together we continue to engage with some of these
complexities. By employing a variety of media we intend to reconstruct some of
the discourse surrounding notions of territorial sovereignty. While the audience
participates in the silent disco, they experience an engagement with borders,
mobility, and nationalism.
Border Sounds seeks to interrogate and complicate current notions of
national sovereignty by outlining the contradictions set in place by these strict
national borders. By drawing attention to the arbitrary nature of state borders,
while complicating this with a reflection of current national sovereignty struggles,
we have created an environment that explores complications rather than
prescriptive ideas.

Sharlene Bamboat


Alexis Mitchell



Sharlene Bamboat & Alexis Mitchell | 2012 | Project Space Artists | Comments (0)

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